What is needed to host website which uses Cassandra?

Are there any available options on market right now?

What other NoSQL hosting plans do you recommend?

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    Get VPS and install whatever NoSQL software you want -- NoSQL are quite specific compared to widely used Relational DBMS (MySQL etc) that I doubt you will find any decent (first of all from cost perspective) Shared Hosting plan with NoSQL options.
    – LazyOne
    Sep 8 '11 at 19:33

I don't know any existing DaaS (Database as a Service) company that provides support for Cassandra. There's also a similar question on StackOverflow, and the answer is always the same: setup a VPS and install Cassandra on your server.

Conversely, there are several alternatives for other NoSQL and/or Document Oriented Databases such as CouchDB, MongoDB and Redis.

If you want to use MongoDB, MongoLab and MongoHQ provides several hosting plans. For CouchDB, Cloudant is by far the most known provider.

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