My website sells one item. I am currently using the simple checkout button embedded on the website. Rather than having the button I would like the order form to be on the single page with a field for quantity.

At first I imagined that there would be a simple form that I could embed however it looks like that I need a full integration into my website through the Advanced Integration Method (AIM) which is much more complicated then I wanted.

I don't want integration into my website, can I do it without, and if I have to what is the cleanest and simplest way to do it?

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You should use the Server Integrated Method. It uses Authorize.Net's own secure server to handle the payment form and processing the credit card.

You can also use Simple Checkout. As its name implies it is a very basic and simple option for selling items.


You can use this script which integrates with auth.net and has a very simple form


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