Here's my question, it happened that we need to promote a website asap. it is a low competition local keyword. We want to be able to put it on paid ads (the coloured rectangle #1 in this image) http://www.aimadvantage.com/graphics/google-top-10.jpg

I know NOTHING about this kind of things. I just know that it can take several months before seeing results. I thought that paid advertising can make it quicker. Is it true?

I do not know whether it helps, but the exact keyword in keyword tool says nothing, but similar keyword says:

global monthly search: 880
Local monthly search: 720
Competition: high

Your advise is appreciated!

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You seem to be missing the point. Paid Ads provide potentially instant results depending on your budget (whether or not you can bid high enough per click to guarantee yourself a spot in spot #1).

Google Adwords is Google's advertisers platform.

PPC (pay per click) advertising takes a lot of planning when done properly - you need to figure out what rate your visitors convert and how much their click is then worth to your site. That should then give you a basis as to what your PPC bid will be for visitors that arrive from various keywords.

Organic SEO would take months (most likely) to rank for the keywords you desire, but is technically free (unless you spend money on SEO...).

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