Is the google +1 button domain dependent or url dependent?


If exampledomain.com has a +1 count of 20, will exampledomain.com/anotherpage also have a count of 20 ?

  • Follow-up question: would a +1 of exampledomain.com/anotherpage add to the count of the +1s on the homepage exampledomain.com --- but a +1 of exampledomain.com would not add to the count at exampledomain.com/anotherpage ?
    – John
    Aug 30, 2011 at 21:32

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It is URL dependent. So if the homepage (exampledomain.com) has 20 +1's it does not mean any inner pages (exampledomain.com/anotherpage) are also considered to have 20 +1's as well.


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