I know how to do this in an Apache2 config file and my own DNS configuration... But here I'm forced to host the site at Google Apps and the DNS at Goddady.com. What's the easiest way to alias example.com to www.example.com in this situation? I'm sure I need a forwarding mechanism. Without introducing an intermediary Apache server just for this purpose, if at all possible..

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Sign into your Google Apps Dashboard, go to Domain Settings -> Domain Names, from there you have the option to setup your naked domain redirection - follow the instructions presented, you will need to set up a new 'A' record (this is one of the very rare cases in Google Apps setup which doesn't use a 'CNAME' record).


Instead of aliasing www.example.com to example.com, you should configure example.com as Google points out, then create a CNAME in your Godaddy DNS configuration that points to example.com.

You can find more details on configuring CNAMES with Godaddy here.


. names or example.com can't use CNAMES,you have use an A address. If you do nslookup on ghs.google.com, it shows 3-4 IP addresses, pick any and add this as A record for example.com. It will work, with only issue being if that IP is down or changes, example.com would go down.

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