I'm sure my website has 21 likes, and when the page is still loading it shows 21 likes under the Twitter button

If you look at my website, it shows only one Facebook Like, but while the page is loading it sometimes shows more; and I'm sure there are at least 20.

Any ideas?

  • Maybe system glitch. It happens sometimes and likes goes down to 0 to some low random number.
    – Mahesh
    Aug 30, 2011 at 14:04

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When I look at your website home page http://www.glamourunderground.com/ I see 40 Facebook Likes.

The link that you gave in your question was for a single page associated with a post on your website. That post didn't show any Likes. But it belonged to the article category of your website, which does show a positive numbers of Facebook Likes. Another category, book reviews has Likes. And this particular book review also has several Likes.

So your Facebook Likes haven't gone away, but they are associated with different parts of your website due to how it is laid out (I assume).

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