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What's the best platform out there that is flexible enough to easily integrate this:

Custom Flash App

I would like customers to :

1 - Select a t-shirt from a gallery of artists.
2 - Customize it ( using a Flash tool i created )
3 - Select a T-shirt size
4 - Order it.

All this flash widget does is generate a JPG on the server. the ecommerce app should assign it to that Order/Customer, and add it to their shopping cart.

Social Features Customers should also be able to comment on the t-shirts and artist bios.

I was thinking of trying Wordpress plugins like Shopp or Getshopped or Cart66. ----- then BuddyPRess for social features. Or is Magento a better choice? thanks!


Take a look at the Magento Tshirt Design tool http://productsdesigner.com/magento-tshirt-design-tool

Video demo http://youtu.be/Ay4wduiDTA8

This company also has stand alone tshirt design applications


This could help you:

  1. Business Catalyst
  2. Magento
  3. PrestaShop
  4. OpenCart
  5. osCSS
  • This is just a bare list of some options. Business Catalyst isn't even a just store app but an entire all-in-one platform. Can you point to some documentation about any of these that more directly addresses the specific question? – Su' Mar 15 '12 at 10:32

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