Found some curious CSS in the source for http://contrastrebellion.com/:

font-family: restore-n8, restore-1, restore-2, sans-serif;

Restore-n8 and the like don't seem to be font names. What does this CSS snippet do?

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It's Restore, served by TypeKit.

These fonts have been included using CSS3's @font-face. The fonts themselves have been included in the styles, using base-64 encoding, and can be referenced like any other font family in CSS once defined.

Here's a quick example of the CSS that defines one of those fonts:

@font-face {

Tried to do a search on it, but it seems like you can only use font-family for font families. Therefore i will assume that restore-n8 actually is a font (probably one that they made themselves). I suppose it's also possible that they used some tool to create the css and it failed somehow and spit out that line. don't know what else it could be.

  • The interesting thing is that the text does show up with a non-standard font... I was actually trying to determine the font in the first place :) Jul 26, 2011 at 17:30

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