We have plan to setup a business directory website. and our team thinking of suitable platform

Php or ASP i want to know which is most commonly used in Commercial Business Directory Websites. How does Business Directory Websites get their pages indexed so fast , does we consider creating website just like Blog / forums which index's faster than static Website .

How business Directory Website works ....??

  • Both PHP and ASP .NET MVC are good choices to wrote a business directory with.
  • The platform you choose will not affect how the pages are indexed.
  • Php is probably the most commonly used because it has loads of free tools and free OS like linux.
  • The important thing is what you are already familiar with. Cost of hardware software, Using the right tool for the job.
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To answer the second question - creation of a sitemap will indicate to search engines how often you update your pages. If your site has a good ranking, and the pages change as often as you say they will, then they will check them often and update their indexes.

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