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Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use?

I need a very simple, secure CMS for single-page websites, with a single page backend, multilanguage, and preferably XML based, although that is not so important... I know there are other similar questions, but most of them are quite old.

Please don't suggest Wordpress, it is definitely overkill for something like this.

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I suggest ionize.. It's build on codeigniter, easy to create/add modules and has excellent language support :)




I haven't used it (wrote my own instead) but it does seem to be a nice little system for simple CMS needs


MediaWiki is pretty popular WIKI, but maybe not as light as you would like? Maybe you can find something at Github which fits your needs better by searching:

Maybe gitblog:

A git-based blog/cms platform for PHP, meant as a replacement for Wordpress.