I want to implement hourly basis product deal on my website using Magento 1.5, administrator has to handle on deal date, time and time duration for that particular product deal.

Can you please suggest me if its there any extension available or kindly suggest the best solution/idea?

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Here is a thread on the forums that advertises for a daily deal plugin.


Since Magento is written in PHP, I can't imagine it would be too hard for you to adjust the timing to hours instead of days.


There just have Daily deal and [Group deal] extensions. However, with Daily Deal module, you could run a deal in some certain hours in a day. You could check this module more through the demo.

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Yes,I'll provide you the extension hourly deal extension for Magento ie.Daily / Multiple Deals Advanced Extension for Magento. In this extension, admin can set hourly time of the individual products.