Preparing for a meeting with our designer later today, I was looking through his Photoshop sketches and wonder whether the following one could be expressed in HTML/CSS, without the need to render the text in Photoshop:

Example text with glossy effects

Do you think the color gradient and the drop shadow could be done 70-90% similar to the original within plain HTML and CSS, too?

Ideally even older browsers should at least be able to draw the text in a readable manner.

I found this one back from 2008, maybe there is a more modern way of doing it nowadays?

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You could create your own FONT and embed that on the page.

See here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/220236/how-to-embed-fonts-in-html

However unless you need the text to be dynamic I would just recommend using a image. It will look better and be guaranteed to looked identical on all browsers


You could use CSS3 gradients and drop-shadows for that desired effect, older browsers would just display a block colour, which would be fine.

It would load much quicker than an image as well as being easier to edit, it would be the right thing to do.

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