I was looking everywhere (as well as on Google's blog) and could not find a straight answer to this question: which URL is the best for mobile from an SEO perspective? Is there a difference between:

m.company.com company.com/mobile etc...


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m.company.com is a preferable and relatively common approach.

  • If word "mobile" isn't a target keyword itself so don't care about SEO and care about users. – Dennis Crane Jul 5 '11 at 13:03

There's also company.mobi but if you really care about users, then cater for every permutation that users could try...

  • m.company.mobi
  • mobile.company.mobi
  • wap.company.com
  • wap.company.mobi
  • etc

  • company.com/mobile [404's should always be handled by all your domains, so directory's don't count here]

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