I like how fonts look on a Mac. Is it possible to render something similar in a website and have it work on all operating systems and browsers? I'm aware of font-face but I can't seem to find a clean font. Ideally I want Arial but more smooth.


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This is not Mac-font-specific, but: in order to have a font that is available on every platform, you could use webfonts. Google Webfonts provides them, for example. The only thing you have to do is include a Stylesheet in your head-area and you are ready to go. Every modern browser is able to load and show those webfonts.

Just take a look at a gallery, there are a lot fonts that have a nice and smooth look.


Take the font from your filesystem and upload it to this website. Use the cufon script to render your images. I did this on my profile website, and a few others. It looks pretty nice, though can have a slight delay.


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