I am new to vps hosting. I checked daily process logs on my server and found a user with name nobody consuming more memory than others.

So what is the user nobody related to and why is it consuming more memory?

This is the log info I found:

user / cpu / mem / mysql  
nobody / 0.00 / 27.31 / 0.0

Apache, MySQL, and other common servers and background tasks (daemons) run under the 'nobody' user. From the Wikipedia entry for nobody:

"In many Unix variants, "nobody" is the conventional name of a user account which owns no files, is in no privileged groups, and has no abilities except those which every other user has.

It is common to run daemons as nobody, especially servers, in order to limit the damage that could be done by a malicious user who gained control of them."

You're seeing the 'nobody' user because you're probably running a server or background process on the box. It's nothing to worry about.

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