I'm looking for a payment gateway that can be used in a website with multiple sellers. Let's say that depending on the purchased item, a given seller/merchant should receive the money.

Would that be possible using only one "master merchant" account that would act as a "distributor" of funds for several "sub-merchants"?

Does any well established privider (paypal, worldpay, auth.net, etc) supports this?

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You need Paypal Adaptive Payments

Adaptive Payments offers a number of features, including:

Pay anyone with an email address. Make payments to another person as long as they have an email address or mobile phone number, with or without a PayPal account. Recipients without a PayPal account can create one in minutes.

Receive payments from anyone. Customers, with or without a PayPal account, can make a payment as long as they have an email address.

Pre-approved payments. Customers can pre-approve future payments.

Disbursements. Make payments from any of your available funding sources. Use disbursements to enable payroll payments, rebate payments, reward payments, and more.

Simple payments. As always, make a simple one-to-one payment.

Chained payments. Send a payment to one individual, who in turn shares the payment with multiple individuals.

Split payments. Divide a payment among a number of individuals.

Retrieve Foreign Exchange rates. Send a list of amounts and currencies and get the converted amounts for the requested currencies.

Refund payments: Refund payments made through an application.

Embedded payments: Reduce checkout friction and increase conversion rates with inline checkout.

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