I'm searching for a webshop. The problem with my search is, that the webshop-software of my choice needs to have a useabel API or some interface for external applications. E.g. i need to place orders by an external application or need to get product descriptions or warehouse stock from the external application. I somehow would like to have a webshop wehere the webinterface is just one way to interact with the whole system.

There are some other requirments, which have to be fullfilled, but i guess they are kind of common:

  • running on linux
  • MySQL (we already have MySQL-replication and backup in place)
  • i like open source but i'm willing to pay for it, if it's worth it

I found some webshops on the net - but perhaps you can tell me, if theres any hope for a webshop with a good API before i go and test all of them, on the first look i didn't find any docs about any interface to external applications for any of my search results.

Thank you!

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Magento is fast becoming the favoured open source e-commerce platform. (eBay recently acquired it, but don't let that put you off.) All versions, including the free Community Edition are still licensed under OSL-3.0 and they also offer a paid Enterprise Edition (compare editions here) as well as a hosted version.

The Magento API is documented here, and the create your own API feature allows you to build a custom API to expose as a webservice to third-parties. System requirements (Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache) are detailed here.


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