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I have designed a website running in PHP and mySQL. And I used mysqli extension instead of the normal mysql extension in PHP, so all my functions are now on mysqli. After developing a major part of the website, I started looking for suitable webhosts, and found that there are few that offer support for the mysqli extension.

I'm not sure if I have really made a mistake by preferring mysqli instead of mysql. Could you please let me know -

  1. whether mysqli support has to be confirmed with the host before I sign up for their web space account
  2. whether mysqli support will be given by default in all PHP 5.2+ versions
  3. any good (paid, but not too expensive) webhosts with reliable service offering support for mysqli extension (in shared server more, not dedicated server)

NOTE - Mine is a small business, and I'm looking for a shared mode web host for now.



Try asking the webhost client support if they can host the website you've built. It's a good way to tell if they have a good customer support and you got nothing to lose.


Support for mysqli should be quite common as far as i know, surely it's not a mistake to use it. Lately i was looking for a provider myself, i asked for the possibility to see a phpinfo() of a server - and got it!

Recommending a hoster would not help you very much, because you will probably want a provider in your country?

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