I couldn't find a thread already clearly addressing this. I have a small personal website, basically a blogfolio. I'd like to allow anonymous commenting so ppl can provide feedback as I don't expect them to be bothered registering on my site. However, as the site admin I'd like to receive a notification whenever a comment is posted so I weed out abuse/ spam. I don't expect a large enough volume in the near future for this to be overwhelming.

Is there a very simple way to do this? I'm aware of a few modules that offer similar functionality, just not sure which to use or if I even need a module to do this. Bonus if it's a method that can be extended to perform some automated spam filtering in the future if the workload becomes overwhelming.

I am using Drupal 6.


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You can do this with triggers and actions. Here's a v6-based tutorial (You didn't say which you were using.) that should probably also work for 7 though things might've moved slightly, eg. triggers are now under Structure.

  • Thanks, this looks like what I want. I've set things up as shown in that tutorial. However, I am not receiving any emails from my Drupal install at the moment, including trigger emails and contact form emails (which I used to receive fine). Do you know of a guide to setting up Drupal email functionality on godaddy? Thanks.
    – SSilk
    Jun 1, 2011 at 2:23

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