I recently routed my new domain name to my azure static web app and successfully linked the TXT and A record. I am using go daddy as my DNS provider. After successfully validating the domain name on azure static web app. It temporarily showed the new web app whenever I would click the web application. Now it goes in and out from the new page and the default go daddy template site.

  • Have you added 301 redirects from your old site to the new site?
    – Soren
    Commented Jun 10 at 18:53
  • Yes didnt seem to work Commented Jun 10 at 19:20

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Without knowing the domain name in question Its impossible to definitively answer, but this sounds very much like the nameservers are still updating and/or one or more of the nameservers is incorrect.

It is also remotely possible (but admittedly unlikely from your description) that its a caching issue - what happens if you flush your browser cache?

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