I want to be able to display my company on Google Maps. I have a places page set up. If you search for it Google will show my business with a red marker which links to my places page.

I want it to display on the map all the time. Like the TM Lewin Shop in the example below.

enter image description here

Map Link

How do I get it to do that. What does Google use to decide that.

There are 3 business at our address. One of the companies is displayed on the map. Would that stop us displaying?


I think your question at the end may be the problem. Google say

There shouldn't be more than one listing per physical location. Even if you're a doctor who is a cardiologist and a chiropractor or a service that covers multiple towns, you shouldn't have two listings. Instead, use the description of your business or categories to explain the different services your business offers.


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You need to be in Google Places. I'm not sure how they handle three businesses. I would guess that they choose the one most relevant to a search query.

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  • Just entering London as search term. – Rondey May 27 '11 at 16:23

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