Without getting too specific, I am a photographer trying to improve my SEO. The other day, I noticed that when I typed my website name into Google, my website doesn’t appear as a search result. I am also not ranking at all for my photography services in my local area.

My company name is basically my state and the two specific photography services that I specialize in and then the word photography. In total, my company name is about 42 characters long.

I saw that my full company name is available as a domain name and was thinking about snatching it up to possibly improve my local ranking. My question is, would a 42 character long domain name be too long even though it matched my company name, exactly? My current domain name is basically the letters or abbreviation of my companies name; basically, nonsensical letters. I was thinking of using the shorter domain for marketing purposes like email and business cards, but the longer one for my actual web presence.

What do you guys think?




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