I have 2 websites in The Netherlands, lets call them example1.nl and example2.nl. They both have articles on the same topics. I wrote all the articles myself.

I want to go international with example1. Meaning, I want to translate all the content and offer it in multiple languages (example1 gets way more traffic and already has a decent backlink profile). I've coded everything to include the hreflang tags etc. The problem is, is that I want to use the content from example2. This is because the content is generally better, newer and more up to date.

  • How much risk am I taking with taking the content from example2, translating it into different languages and using it on different locales of example1?
  • How many unique words or unique content per 1000 words would I need to add to make it 'unique' so that it doesn't get penalized for duplicated content?

Since example2 pretty much gets about 10% of the total traffic, I was also thinking of just killing the site with a 301 redirect. But I only want to do that if the risk of getting penalties on example1 is too high.


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