I have created a search bar through "Google Programmable Search Engine". Now I want to make the searchbar working like specifically search for a website not the entire web.

I have added some website links on "Site search" but the results are not showing whenever I search. I have also added some keywords related to my search and according to the website links that I have added in "Search site" but these are not working.

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First, you might've clicked "Search the entire Web" instead of "Search specific sites or pages"


You might be on the wrong site "this happened to me" so go here: https://programmablesearchengine.google.com/controlpanel/create and insert the link of the site you'd like to visit. Make sure the link is valid because that might also be the cause. Once you've added it, click add and it should look like photo #2. If it does't work contact this email: enter image description here: (example sites displayed): enter image description here

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