I see this when I login to GA:

This property is no longer processing new data. Save your property data before it's deleted.

Finish migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) before July 1, 2024 using the Setup Assistant, if you haven't already done so. To maintain access to data from this property, you should download your data now.

I'm not running any websites since few years ago and last time I used Google Analytics was also years ago... but I don't want to lose access to my historical data of my websites in GA. I'm a little confused by Google's help pages. Can someone summarize what I should do?

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They have implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as their new engine. All the old tags have ceased processing data but the properties are still available to pull data from.

I believe after July 2024, you won't be able to pull any data out of the property so they recommend getting all that you can put of the property before then.

You should get all the key data that is critical to your site (views, events, conversions) in order to do historical comparisons against your new property.

You will also need to setup a new GA4 tag on your site to collect data with the new engine.

  • So old data will be removed??? Commented Mar 31 at 21:27
  • At the end of the above mentioned date, yes. You will no longer be able to access Universal data. They have been moving the entire user base to this point for at least 3 years. Commented Mar 31 at 22:51
  • That's crazy. Why don't they just migrate the data into the new system?? They don't have to remove the data... I guess they will delete our emails too in the future at some point. Commented Apr 1 at 12:54
  • The new engine captures data in a completely different way. So to merely migrate the data would be futile because the data model is inherently different. They navigated away from session based tracking to an event based tracking. Essentially all data is captured in events and event parameters. So the old data won't fit in the model. Commented Apr 1 at 16:17
  • They can just create an event called page view or session start and move data using such logic. Why is that so difficult? Commented Apr 1 at 20:31

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