I run a small community web site where users can each get a free blog. The blog address is always something like http://mydomain.com/blogname

One user have bought his own domain and want to redirect it to his blog. I've managed to setup a 302 redirect but then when he types http//hisdomain.com in the browser he ends up at http://mydomain.com/blogname

He really wants hisdomain.com to still be there. Any idea on how I can set it up so that http://hisdomain.com/blogname is shown instead?

Environment: Ubuntu server 10.04 Apache2 Wordpress multi site

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If your using WordPress multisite you can use the Domain Mapping Plugin

This plugin allows users of a WordPress MU site or WordPress 3.0 network to map their blog/site to another domain.

It requires manual installation as one file must be copied to wp-content/. When upgrading the plugin, remember to update domain_mapping.php and sunrise.php. Full instructions are on the Installation page and are quite easy to follow. You should also read this page too.

Super administrators must configure the plugin in Super Admin->Domain Mapping. You must enter the IP or IP addresses (comma deliminated) of your server on this page. The addresses are purely for documentation purposes so the user knows what they are (so users can set up their DNS correctly). They do nothing special in the plugin, they're only printed for the user to see.


It is possible that this WordPress plugin might help. This question might need to go to the WordPress Answers site.

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