At some point in the past few months almost all of the URLs in the logs starting containing this:


I tried using all of the major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex) however even with the quote operator I couldn't find anything.

I've made no changes to the server let alone to the configuration.

My best guess is that this likely has something to do with cPanel though I can't confirm since I don't know what I'd be looking for. The slightest chance it could be some really odd off-beat update to PHP though they don't seem to screw things up like that.

I've checked:

  • .htaccess, no changes.
  • PHP code, no instances of $_GET['query'] or query=.
  • Search engines fail to honor "?query=" query.
  • No changes to robots.txt.
  • The cPanel forums are active though their login page redirects and even after loading still fails; no idea what I'd post there if I could authenticate.

It could be an external issue, Google has been acting really wonky suddenly having issues but no issues or anything invalid with the robots.txt file.

Suggestions please?


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