After fumbling around for a while I have concluded, that to refund a transaction in Google Analytics 4, it is enough to use the same transactionId as the original transaction that is being refunded (plus the value, items, etc., I have managed to successfully refund already).

However, since I am tracking the refunds server-side and the transactions client-side, there will be a few refunds that do not correspond to a transaction. How does GA 4 handle those refunds? Are they subtracted from the total revenue, and if yes, is it possible to filter them out?

  • The documentation here is lacking a lot in my opinion, I haven't found anything on the value being positive or negative, or what the transactionId references. Through some testing and examples I have concluded: transactionId same as original order, value the positive sum of all refunded items. Mar 13 at 9:46


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