I have successfully updated the CNAME values to connect my domain to my AWS AMPLIFY static website. There is just one part I need some assistance with.

AWS documentation says the following...

  1. Configure root domain In order to use your root domain you must configure an ANAME record (also called an ALIAS) in your DNS provider. If your DNS provider does not support ANAME/ALIAS, migrate your zone file to Amazon Route53

I'm just unsure of how exactly to do this with a GoDaddy Domain. I'm not finding any alias or ANAME values in the DNS Management tabs on the GoDaddy website.

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    GoDaddy doesn't offer ANAME records. Domain registrars that provide DNS services like GoDaddy often don't have the most comprehensive DNS settings. You'd need to change your nameservers to another DNS provider or CDN that offers ANAME records. See this guide from AWS and step 7, along with GoDaddy's guide on how to edit your nameservers there.
    – dan
    Commented Mar 12 at 15:18


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