I purchased a domain that we'll call example.sh that has no hosting and simply redirects to my profile page on another site. When a user visits http://example.sh/ they are taken to https://othersite.com/profile with the browser indicating a 302 response.

However, a query for https://example.sh/ fails to resolve because there is no SSL certificate associated with the domain. My domain registrar offers SSL in their admin panel, but when I activated this feature and asked for assistance in installing it, they said it couldn't be done because I have no hosting.

Is there any way to make https://example.sh/ a working URL without purchasing hosting? I have an account with DreamHost, but I wasn't able to use them for this domain because I need the unusual .sh TLD.

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Many domain name providers provide URL redirection or forwarding.

For example, in GoDaddy, you can click on your Domain >>> DNS >>> forwarding and configure your domain.sh to forward everything to othersite.com/profile

However, for https redirections, it requires a few extra steps (like emitting a valid certificate). Unfortunately at the moment, GoDaddy doesn't provide SSL Domain Redirections in their redirection service.

  • If I purchase a domain from GoDaddy, will I be able to use the https schema without buying hosting?
    – Keyslinger
    Mar 11 at 17:35
  • It will redirect any request (http or https) to your other domain. Mind you that GoDaddy doesn't have custom redirects or paths, it's all or nothing to a single destination. Other registrars might offer you more control over the redirections, but for a simple site, it should be more than enough (without buying hosting). Mar 11 at 19:59
  • I'm sorry, please scratch my previous answer. I just tested it on a domain I own, and GoDaddy doesn't redirect https natively... I'm going to edit the answer accordingly. Mar 11 at 20:06

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