Below are the activities, I have updated.

  1. Updated All Schema tag. enter image description here
  2. Updated Image Sitemap
  3. Updated robots.txt - User-agent: Googlebot-image Disallow:
  4. Updated all Alt tag present in image.
  5. Verified the CDN sub-domain where the image were stored.
  6. Updated

Still not able to see product image on search snippet of PLP url.

  • Did you verify the schema is valid with the Rich Snippet testing tool from Google? Are there any errors thrown? Commented Feb 29 at 18:24
  • Yes verified all present, also attached the image of rich result test. Commented Mar 2 at 7:01
  • Can you include a screenshot of the behavior? Commented Mar 3 at 0:46

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"User-agent: Googlebot-image Disallow:"

This should be false or it is not allowed at all. Otherwise: make sure you have sufficient permissions.


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