Not sure which SE site is exactly the best for this so apologies if this is out of place here.

I have a database that I add emails to, and I want to join users that I suspect to be in the same organization under the same account. An easy way to do this is to look at the email domain and put people who have the same domain in the same account. This is fine, but if an org uses subdomains then this sometimes will put people who are actually from the same company or institution, in different accounts. For example, dept1.myorg.com emails will be separated from dept2.myorg.com emails.

So I could say, alright then let's only look at the second level domain. This will correctly join the myorg.com emails, but of course now I'll have the worse problem of joining every single co.uk, com.ar, .com.au etc., under the same account.

How do people typically differentiate these domain names that really act more like a TLD? Is there simply a list? Or perhaps something in the whois can help me?



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