front end dev here.

Quite often the design team I work with produces desktop and mobile designs which are quite difficult to create responsively. While it can be done, I feel like I am using an excessive amount of my time on making this work.

I'm just wondering if modern search engines would score us down if I were to, for example have two footers with same content with a different html structure and only display one for mobile and one for desktop


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It is not a problem as long as

  • They have the same URL and the total content is not vastly different
  • Or different URLs with a canonical tag.

Just in case, you should use or backend to detect if its a mobile or desktop and serve the appropriate footer, rather than having both of them in the HTML.

  • I was thinking of having the same page with the same content twice, duplicated but hiding one and displaying the other depending on the device
    – Richie
    Jan 18 at 15:18

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