Pretty much same question as this Fetch/Combine/Blend multiple Google Search Console different sc-domains (unanswered).

I have 20+ regional domains in Search Console. I added all of them as data sources. Now I want to see, lets say, Site CTR or Average Position for all domains together on one chart. With the built-in tools right now I can place 20 individual charts next to each other, but that's much less helpful visually.

I tried to create a Blend, but it allows only 5 tables only. And even if I merge my top-5 countries into one Blend, the line chart forces me to choose one property as a dimension; I can't have all 5 properties on the same chart.

Thought about doing it through Google Sheets, but that would have to be manual for every domain. Furthermore, according to Exporting Search Console data to spreadsheets there's a limit of 1000 rows per export.

I'm sure I'm missing something. How do I have all of my properties on one chart?


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