I'm from Azerbaijan, and our country code top-level domain - .az has certain rules such as min-length of the domain name having to be at least 3 characters long. I wonder who creates such rules, as far as I know it's not ICANN's job (for ccTLDs).

There are bunch of websites that break those rules, for example: nt.az has two letters long domain name while it clearly breaks the minimum length on a domain name rule. Also, it's not only .az, some other ccTLDs have also rule-breaking domain names, such as will.i.am (.am - Armenian ccTLD), their rules require the domain name to be at least two letters long.

There are even more crazier domains out in the wild such as http://ai./ - this domain does not even have a TLD!!!

My question is, who is the responsible for those rules being obeyed and is in charge of this?


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