I am not running a webserver, and I simply want to redirect x.mysite.com to a Calendly link. I did this using the Host records - I set it up so x.mysite.com redirects to Calendly.com/mycalendly. However, this used to work but now is broken.

After some diagnosis, I noticed that if I input x.mysite.com into the web browser manually, the redirect works. and if I click on any link that contains x.mysite.com - it does not work. The underlying issue seems to be when a link is clicked, it assumes its a https link, which the redirect fails whereas if I manually type in the URL, it checks for both HTTP and HTTPS and it will use HTTP URL redirect, which works.

What is the solution to this issue?

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You more-or-less hit the problem on the head when you said "I am not running a web server". Redirecting HTTPS requires a webserver along with the bits to handle HTTPS certificate negotiation.

The only way to fix this is to have a web server which handles HTTPS negotiation and then sends the redirect request, or have Calendly add your domain name to their https certificate (the later I expect is unlikely to happen).

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