Could the presence of X-Cache: STALE response header decrease my Google rankings ? I am the second time when ... while working on cache servers configuration I see rankings drop even thou response time improves. The onnly new thing I can think of, is the presence of X-Cache: STALE which might be interpreted by Google that content is not fresh ?

My config is like this: CloudFlare <-- Nginx cache server <-- My origin server

On origin server I set a "Cache-Control: public, max-age=2" and set nginx reverse proxy to proxy_cache_use_stale (use stale while updating pages, or in case of errors) which seems to work fine, end server always gets a fast cached page and servers updates pages in background, regardless of how slow background update is, the user always receives an instant cached page.

I can and probably will configure them to hide this X-Cache: STALE header from end user, but I was curious if anyone has experience or thoghts on this.


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