I have a cpanel apache website. When i try to access it with url and a port number like mysite.com:3000 it returns connection refused but if I access it with ip like 147.100.xx.xxx:3000 it's working fine. Accessing inside server with localhost:3000 also fine.

I reckon it's not a DNS problem because browsing to mysite.com without port number returns the correct page.

What should I do to allow access with mysite.com:3000?

  • I'm not an Apache expert, but this sounds like a firewall/proxy issue. I.e., the firewall recognizes the FQDN (even though the name is resolved to an IP) in the header. THe firewall assumes HTTP(S) but notes that it's to a non standard port and flags it as suspicious (because of the FQDN). But, when using the IP address, it doesn't include the FQDN in the request header and somehow bypasses a rule that would otherwise block the attack.
    – Trebor
    Oct 31, 2023 at 19:28


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