I open my site, open devtool and navigate to the Cookies section in Storage tab. I see that there are three _ga_ cookies: _ga, _ga_XXXXXX1 and _ga_XXXXXX2. XXXXXX1 is indeed my measurement ID, but I can't recognize XXXXXX2. Both of them has the same values for almost every field, including created, last accessed and expired times. The only values that they are very slightly different are its Value and Size:

Value Size
_ga_XXXXXX1 GS1.1.1697276879.1.1.1697277042.58.0.0 52
_ga_XXXXXX2 GS1.1.1697276879.1.1.1697277042.0.0.0 51

How to identify where _ga_XXXXXX2 comes from?

  • I'll comment and Upvote the question since I have the same interogation at the moment. I have an unknow Google Tag Manager ID that is imported in the DOM of my website and I would like to know from where it comes. I already have disabled wordpress plugins to test if the ID would leave but still there. Mar 18 at 19:47


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