Within the ProxyPass directive is a table titled Balancer parameters and it has a row called maxattempts. The default is as follows:

One less than the number of workers, or 1 with a single worker.

Does each BalancerMember count as a worker or only the Proxy containing them? Also, how does the balancer know when it is in fact a failed instance and use the other balancer options, say in the next lbset? Is it determined before sending or after a timeout? Thank you!

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Each BalancerMember counts as a worker. The maxattempts parameter determines how many connection attempts are made to a worker before it's considered failed.

Detection of a failed instance typically occurs when a connection attempt to the worker fails.

  • So if you have BalancerMember http://www2.example.com:8080 & BalancerMember http://spare1.example.com:8080 status=+R, the latter will only be served after the former is determined to be a failed instance: after maxattempts? Sep 22, 2023 at 12:02

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