I am using React and the library react-lazy-load-image-component

I do show LazyImages on top of the page but I notice that google is not indexing most of those images.

They do index them sometime, but other times not so I am confused.

In my use case I have only one "Post/Article" with the image on top (lazy-loaded) and below the title and the article content.

My React code is very simple


The html coming from the server is

<span class=" lazy-load-image-background "
      style="background-image:url();background-size:100% 100%;display:inline-block"><span
        class="img-responsive" style="display:inline-block"></span></span></a></p>
<h1>Article title</h1>
<p>First paragraph of the article</p>

That does not seem seo friendly to me. I believe this library need to include data-src or something like that in the server-side rendered content as well for the search engines to wait and index the images.

What are your thoughts?



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