I have a new site: newsite.com (my new site has no subdomain such as www or ftp), so I wrote "@" to Name section when I created my DNS record.

I had an old site that I wanted to redo. I registered a domain name on Netlify for this: www.myPurchasedDomain.net. So my DNS records look like this:

myPurchasedDomain.net | 3600 IN NETLIFY | oldSiteAdress.app.netlify
www.myPurchasedDomain.net | 3600 IN NETLIFY | oldSiteAdress.app.netlify

Now I added my new address that I want:

enter image description here

and I deleted the old ones and now this is my DNS records:

enter image description here

When I go to as-quebec.net, no site appears.

So, myPurchasedDomain.net is still pointing to oldSiteAdress.app.netlify and I would like to point to this address: newsite.com.

What should I do more? Delete the old ones? Can I keep it? But if I keep it, how can Netlify know that I want to point on this: newsite.com?

Like I said, my domain is still pointing to oldSiteAdress.netlify.app. I want that it points to newsite.com, but how could I do that? What I added in the DNS records (CNAME of my new site) doesn't do the job, so what did I miss?

Netlify is handling the DNS for my domain as-quebec.net and as-quebec.netlify.app. My new address: mathdx-001-site1.etempurl.com was created by myasp.net. I want that as-quebec.net points to mathdx-001-site1.etempurl.com and that as-quebec.net will no more point to as-quebec.netlify.app.

Is CNAME the right choice for my purpose?



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