My (NSFW) website is indexed by Google, I can see it in the Google Search Console, and according to that, everything is fine, I have good usability and no issues.

I had pretty good results right after launching it, but at some point something strange happened. I had to verify my domain ownership again, and since then I cannot see my site in the search results any more. Not even for very specific keywords, not even on the last page of Google search. Although, as I mentioned, I can see the domain in the search console, and it is verified.

When I search for the site url specifically, I can see the result, but seems like Google ignores my title and description meta tags and auto-generates them.

Additional context:

  • I am hosting my site on Heroku. I had issues because Google realized the content are duplicated (was visible on my domain and on the *.herokuapp.com domain as well). I fixed that issue more than a week ago(using "canonical" meta tag and permanent redirect to my domain), and the fix was approved by Google.
  • I use Cloudflare and the DNS setup works, I redirect every request from www.mysite.com to mysite.com and all http request to the secure https
  • I have a valid sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Tried a few SEO tools and all of them said I have good SEO
  • I had the same meta and description tag on few of my pages but correted that as well almost a week ago
  • According to the search console I do not have any penalty

I feel like I did everything, but Google still does not show my site in the search results. I am really desperate at this point.

My questions are: What can be the issue with the indexing? What can I do to get back the same indexing as before?


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It does look weird. Google makes up its own mind about what to display. Observations

  • your og:description and twitter:description do not match with description. But Google does not use those.
  • title, H1 and description don't have much relevance with each other (in terms of the number of words).
  • H1 and title are too short, in my opinion.
  • It looks like your site is new. It is possible that you originally had the same description on all the pages. So, request to reindex the pages

Note that for new sites, it can take months to get indexed properly.

There's a discussion on another Webmaster post

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