My question to the SEO guru's on Stackoverflow is as the title says:

Do toxic backlinks really influece your DA for Google since it is a 3rd party metric?

I started a new website and bought some backlinks. Unfortunately most of them are seen as "toxic" by Semrush.The SEO dude whom I bought it from said to me:

DA, PA, Toxicity and so on are all 3rd-party metrics and Google does not care about them. These links are fine and will increase your website at Google.

For all my other websites, I always disavowed any link that was even remotely toxic. But now it made me wonder... is the guy right and honest?

I mean... some URL'S look like this:


I mean, to me personally that looks wonky and I would have disavowed that link.

I hope you guys (and girls) can share your experience with me and explain to me, once and for all, if I should ignore 3rd party metrics.

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Absolutely unrelated backlinks are toxic. I have seen a client ignoring this advice and their site tanking as a direct result of purchasing backlinks - and the blackhat/scammer that sold them to you should - and likely does know better.

He is arguably partially right that DA and PA are at least somewaht outdated metrics, but toxicity is a big one that Google stresses. Google promotes the idea of E-E-A-T (which supercedes E-A-T). This stands for Expertise, experience, Authorativeness and Trustworthiness - Trustworthiness.

Don't believe me. Believe Google - https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/guidelines.raterhub.com/en//searchqualityevaluatorguidelines.pdf


The guy you got the site from is using information that is very, very, old. Google is adept at determining paid links ... US Patent 6,799,176; US Patent 6,285,999; US Patent 8,719,276; US Patent 7,783,639 ...

A system includes a ranking component that ranks nodes, such as web sites, to obtain ranking values that define a quality judgment of the nodes. The ranking values are based on links between the nodes and, among other things, deemphasize links between affiliated nodes. Additionally, the amount of rank that any particular node can contribute to another node may be capped at a threshold level, thus tending to prevent some nodes from unduly influencing the ranking values.

Beyond the "de-emphasizing," of those links, they also dilute the theme of the page/site. The link farms don't have any type of good information or authority on the subject matter that your site is about -- They are not your peers. The farms are about random topics and some of their links may be to low-quality content.

I would tend towards disavowing any link that SEMrush says is toxic, and I'm generally one of those people who ignore links from questionable sources.

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