I have a site that has multiple sub directories. One of these directory locations is /careers/ which in itself, has over 300 child pages.

When I go to in Google Analytics, and attempt to filter by `/career pages, this is all I see...

enter image description here

...I do not want to checkbox all values that contain 300+ career items. That's insane! How can I properly filter for any /careers/* items in Google Analytics for landing pages?

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The best way I have found to get a listing of all /career/* pages was to create a report in Explore. If you have the time to craft a custom report in this section of Google Analytics, you may find the following steps helpful.

  • Create a new blank report
  • Give it an exploration name
  • Give it a date range
  • My Segment consisted of using 4 Page Location values with an Or statements connecting each one :
    • The first value was the URL to the landing page of /career/
    • The second value was does it contain ?
    • The third value was does it contain %
    • The fourth value was ends with /
  • My Dimensions is set to Page Location
  • My Metrics consist of Views, Total Users, First Visits, Views per user, and Exits.
  • My Technique is set to Free Form
  • My Visualization is set to Table
  • My Segment Comparison is set to the Segment mentioned above.
  • My Pivot is set to First Column
  • My Rows is set to Page Location
  • My Values are set to all my Metrics mentioned above.
  • My Cell Type is set to Bar Chart.

As a result you may find a solution close to the following visual example...

enter image description here

In addition, here's the official guide on getting started with Explorations, beyond my very specific, custom situation.

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