I've been trying to fix this issue for a long time, but whenever I go to my WORDPRESS website it just shows a plain 'Hello World' text despite me having downloaded themes and media for the website.

I've hosted the website with GoDaddy. What could be the problem here? Here's the page

What might be the problem?

I tried contacting the hosting support, and they told me that it was the DNS, so I followed their instructions and waited for a few days, and it still didn't get fixed. The wordpress dashboard says that I'm using the correct theme, but whenever I turn on the editor, it just shows 'Hello World'.

  • Did you add a "hello world" file to your site at some point? If so, it sounds like its still there and interfering with WordPress. May 5, 2023 at 19:00

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The website which is serving your website is "Apache". When I go to https://svroyal.com I get the "hello world" page, however when I go to https://svroyal.com/(anything) it comes up with a Wordpress powered web page.

Apache has a directive called DirectoryIndex - which most likely has a list of files it will assume as the default file (if it exists, and if no filename is specified after the domain name).

You likely have a file with "hello world" written in the default file which is being preferred by Apache over the index.php file which apache needs. (My guess - I can't be certain without more access to the site - is you have a file index.html in the root directory of your website which needs to be deleted. If its not index.html there will be another similar file which needs to be deleted - If you can use FTP or similar to look at your web root directory - often its public_html - and sort it by file size, look for a small file - probably about 12 bytes - and if it contains the words "hello world" rename it to something like "index.html.back" and things should start working properly)

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