Strange URLs in Search Console's Page with a redirect, Alternate page with Proper Canonical Tag'

Search Console is showing 240 excluded pages with 'Page with a redirect, Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag etc'. The URLs are something like this and it is almost found in all the errors.

https://www.syoft.com/mobile-app-development.php/devops.php (Not the target page, but it's still under excluded list hence I wanted to fix)

The above page has two different file names if you observe /mobile-app-development.php and /devops.php

These all appeared as I launched a site rebuild. I'm concerned it's something to do with my 301 redirects in the .htaccess file or Is this the reason some of my pages are not indexed?


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You have a commented-out link to /devops.php on your /services/mobile-app-development.php. If this was live, search engines would follow the link, which would result in the strange URLs you see.

Even commented out, Google may decide to check it out anyhow.

  • Sorry, I'm wrong, /devops.php would result in a different wrong page. If you had a link for "devops.php" with no slash, the URLs you see would happen. Apr 15, 2023 at 21:42

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