Google Chrome is now warning users when the visit domains that look like a typo for some other domain. They call this feature "Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs"

did you mean message in Chrome

However, sometimes the suggestions aren't correct. Let's say I administer the site xyz.example. I was made aware that visitors to a different site with a similar domain, let's say zyx.example, were asked by Chrome whether they want to be redirected to my site. Because of the nature of the domain name, this could affect many sites which are not mimicking my site. This has caused visitors to those sites to be confused and use our contact details to try to contact the other party, which wastes time and benefits no one.

Is there procedure where I, as the owner of the site that Chrome thinks is being mimicked, can whitelist individual sites or tell Google/Chrome to not issue this warning for the "benefit" my domain altogether? I have access Google Search Console for the domain in question.



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