I am trying to use FaceBook Registration Plugin (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/registration/). It already has name field which I dont want to use instead i want to use my own First Name and Last Name fields Is there a way to do so ?

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In the iframe url of the registration plugin, you pass in a json object listing the fields you would like on the form.

You can specify named fields (ie ones that exist within Facebook and so can be pre-populated) and also custom fields (anything that facebook doesn't know, but you might want). For example:

 {'name':'like', 'description':'Do you like this plugin?', 'type':'checkbox',  'default':'checked'},
 {'name':'phone', 'description':'Phone Number', 'type':'text'},
 {'name':'anniversary','description':'Anniversary', 'type':'date'},
 {'name':'captain', 'description':'Best Captain', 'type':'select',    'options':{'P':'Jean-Luc Picard','K':'James T. Kirk'}},
 {'name':'force', 'description':'Which side?', 'type':'select',    'options':{'jedi':'Jedi','sith':'Sith'}, 'default':'sith'},
 {'name':'live', 'description':'Best Place to Live', 'type':'typeahead', 'categories':['city','country','state_province']},

It's worth noting that facebook already has named fields for firstname and lastname - you can ask for these and facebook will pre-populate the fields, but allow the user to change them.

All this is documented at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/registration/


If a user is registering to your site using the plugin, they are trying to connect via Facebook and therefore would like to have their information auto-filled. If they do not, then that Name field can work for a First Name and Last Name by allowing them to enter their full name.

The problem is, that plugin is optimized for use by Facebook users AND non-facebook users, shown here:

The plugin also allows users who do not have a Facebook account, or do not wish to sign up for your site using Facebook to use the same form as those who are connecting with Facebook. This eliminates the need to provide two separate login experiences

With that said, they intend for this form to work for non-Facebook signups as well. I don't believe you can edit the forms since it uses an iframe and calls those fields through it with no user-allowed editing of the plugin. However, this doesn't mean that you could use the Facebook API to create your own plugin, or maybe a CMS you would use would have its own as well...

Another option is to have your own form, but have a "Sign In with Facebook!" link.

To answer your question directly: No, it does not look like it is editable in any way, but there are alternatives if you do not appreciate the way that the form already works.

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