If I delete my bing webmaster account, will it reset/delete ALL the data Bing has listed against my domain?

I ask this question because our site has been deindexed by bing - Like thousands of other people in the same boat, and I have no idea why. I've gone through bings rules, and none of them apply to us.

We suspect bing may have a caching issue whereby it continues crawling over 4000 removed pages, which we serve as a 410.- but it's worth mentioning we have not ruled out its a Cloudflare issue.

If it helps anyone else out, these are the things we have tried; -Turned off "Crawler Hints" in Cloudflare. Initially, this helped, and to our surprise, we got re-indexed. But that was short-lived (20 days max).

  • We upgraded Cloudflare from Basic to Pro, thinking we'd have more control. But it didn't help us.
  • We Whitelisted bingbot IP Ranges in Cloudflare - note, CF WAS blocking some bing IPs.
  • We moved server host. We did have outages.
  • We moved to bigger servers and a new host.
  • We removed some javascript on our pages (we used it for a graph). This didn't help.
  • We used google console to help identify issues - specifically looking at page resources. We did have an issue with CSS not loading, which we fixed. But no improvement on Bing.
  • We emailed Bing webmasters support - only to receive the same 'we can't be bothered templated email response'.
  • Performed general housekeeping on the website and improved speed etc using pagespeed insights.

Some factors worth pointing out: we're running NGINX & Apache. We're also using NextJs if that helps anyone. The site is new, with no inbound links. Launched 6 months ago.

What else is left to try?

  1. Our sitemaps don't include a - though we will add this on Monday.
  2. Finally, delete the bing webmaster account with the aim of starting from scratch. It's a long shot; I hope this will purge bings' cache. I'd use a new email address and signup again. Has anyone had any experience in doing this? Or does anyone know if it does clear all data?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Just noticed an error in my post. Should read; Our sitemaps don't include a lastmod though we will add this on Monday
    – Dan
    2 days ago


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